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TECAPEEK 2013-10-07

PEEK stock shapes in new dimensions: Ensinger goes large!

Ensinger is scaling up its PEEK stock shapes portfolio with a range of bigger dimensions.


With plate thicknesses of 120 and 150 mm, plate widths of 1,000 mm and rod diameters of 210 mm, Ensinger will now be able to comply with even extreme customer requests for bigger sizes. 

As one of the world’s leading converters of PEEK materials, Ensinger is now offering PEEK plates not only in 120 mm thickness but also in an outstanding 150 mm thick version. By rounding up its stock shapes selection in proven Victrex PEEK quality with plates of 1,000 mm in width and rods measuring 210 mm in diameter, Ensinger is now offering a truly unbeatable PEEK portfolio!