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Halvfabrikat för livsmedel 2013-01-24


Ensinger GmbH . Rudolf‐Diesel‐Str. 8 . 71154 Nufringen
PRESS RELEASE             Nufringen, 23nd January 2013
Semi‐finished plastics for food contact – available from stock at Ensinger
Order‐specific declarations of compliance in accordance with EU Regulation 10/2011
Semi‐finished plastic materials used in the food industry have to comply with the requirements
of the latest European Regulation (EU) no. 10/2011. This Regulation, also known as the Plastics
Implementation Measure (PIM), is aimed at excluding any toxic effects which could arise as a
result of interaction between food substances and plastics. Ensinger has restructured its
portfolio of semi‐finished engineering plastic products for the food industry and performed
migration testing on a multitude of its stock shapes range.......
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