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Olja och gas

Plastics in application: Oil and Gas industry

Nowadays, technical plastics have a major contribution to make towards improving ex­isting solutions because modern materials of­fer a wider range of benefits.
These benefits include:

Weight reductions
Corrosion resistance
Thermal decoupling and
Minimised noise emissions

 The progress currently being made in the oil and gas field is largely due to the use of mod­ern materials.

Ensinger has a range of over one hundred high performance and engineering plastic materi­als, offering a variety of properties that benefit a wide range of applications, including those within the oil and gas sector. Materials from within the range are being used increasingly in HPHT applications.

Ensinger‘s expertise in developing and manu­facturing high performance and engineering plastic materials has enhanced its product portfolio to suit a wide range of different ap­plications.

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